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Digital  Printing


i1 Digital printing center is the new digital printing center of the startup d6 Marketing.

It offers prints dedicated to graphic art to satisfy the most demanding of you.


Its latest technology devices are equipped with software that calibrates all the colors for a precise rendering corresponding to your models. Aware of the importance of your work.


i1 Digital printing center offers you a range of small and LARGE format digital graphic art printing products.



1- Small format printing


Prints for all cardboard jobs up to 300g in a size up to 330.2 × 762mm with a print resolution of 2400dpi × 2400dpi, 256 gradations.



2- LARGE Format printing


Quality prints on many supports: paper, fabrics, tarpaulin, canvas ... with the possibility of cutting for the sticker.

Ideal for your POS and your commercial or art installations.



3- Adhesive cutting and Flocking


i1 also offers the service of adhesive cutting and flocking on clothing.



4- Printing tables


i1 being its range of product by offering you the printing of table on canvas and on Forex, MDF and glass.

Ideal and original for your personal spaces, offices and commercial places.



For more information, go to the i1 website by clicking on the logo


Pour plus d'informations, RDV sur le site i1 en cliquant sur le logo
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